Inaugural Post: Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I hope to use this blog to share my thoughts about religion, evangelicalism, theology, politics, and culture. I also maintain a political blog, That blog is intentionally non-partisan and intended to serve those looking for a basic understanding of politics. My intent for this blog is to write on a wider variety of topics and to be more forthright about my political views.

This blog also represents something like a “coming out” party for me. I am a southern, evangelical, conservative, Republican (white male is just the icing on the cake). For many in the academic circles in which I often travel, this combination represents all that is wrong with America today. Consequently, I have felt the need to be somewhat secretive with what I say about my religious and political views, particularly, in my easily found online writings. Since I am no longer on the academic job market, and don’t plan to return any time soon, I feel more willing to express myself on a wide range of topics. This is not to say that academia is completely hostile to conservatives and evangelicals, as you may sometimes hear. For the most part, the relationships I developed in academia has been overwhelmingly positive, even among those lefties who caught wind of my religious and political leanings (maybe I’ll have more to say about this later?). Obviously, however, there has been enough concern that it has caused me to hold back some when expressing myself in public.

Regarding the blog’s title, there are three possible interpretations. Does it mean that I am an evangelical who thinks, I think like an evangelical thinks, or that I am thinking about evangelical topics? The answer could be either, neither, or all of the above. I don’t really know. Maybe I’ll discover the answer along the way. Writing is, after all, a process of discovery.

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