Republican Leaders: Don’t Ignore Race Issues

I was in a Facebook discussion recently with a friend who wondered why Republicans are so quick to be labeled racist (by some in the media and Democratic leaders, especially) when they are simply trying to provide alternative solutions to difficulties faces by some minority communities.

One of the things I pointed out in my article for The Christian Post, “Is the Media Too Quick to Imply Republicans are Racist,” is that it partly has to do with the Republican’s “Southern strategy” in the 1960s in which they actively sought to include racists in their coalition.

My friend said she understood the poor judgment used by Republicans who embraced the Southern strategy, but asked if it is the “political equivalent of indefinite detention.” After all, Republican leaders today played no role in the Southern strategy.

It is a fair point. And, my friend’s frustration is felt by many, including myself. I have personally felt the sting of being called racist. It hurts, deeply.

I could use this time to go on complaining about how horrible Democrats and the media are for doing this, but I think the time would be better spent talking about what Republicans should do about it. Because, the honest truth is that Republican leaders often do a poor job speaking about issues of race and ethnicity, and explaining why they think their policies would benefit minority communities.

So, with that in mind, here are two pieces of advice to Republicans and one policy proposal. Continue reading